Object libraries, again

A few weeks ago I made a post about the problems that arose with not so experienced EZ-Scenery users trying to change/alter object libraries. In the past few days I come across a few more discussions that relate to this and what I read there worried me a lot. So therefore this new post about the subject. What worries me the most is that some people think about (or maybe even put into practice) the idea of decompiling libraries, to then put the objects back into new libraries that are organized according to their preference. So for example all hangars … Continue reading Object libraries, again

SCASM is bad and GMax is good, or is it?

Ever since GMax was included with Fs2002 discussion like SCASM is bad and GMax is good have appeared now and then. Now that FsX has been announced I have noticed that I appeared again. I saw questions of people wondering if SCASM BGL files would still work. But people that ask such questions don’t seem to understand what SCASM is. It is just a compiler that creates a BGL file from a source code with a list of commands that you provide to it. The file that is produced is not something special that only SCASM could make, any other … Continue reading SCASM is bad and GMax is good, or is it?

New York

I am already a few days back from my trip to New York and here is a little travel report. Unfortunately I also brought back a bit of flu, so that is why I have not been really active the last days. Our trip started at Amsterdam Airport Schiphol and luckily we departed from the G-pier, so I had a good look at the recently opened H-pier (I just modeled that one, so I wanted to check if it looked right). The flight itself was with Delta Airlines in a Boeing 767-300. Luckily I had a window seat on this … Continue reading New York


Next week I will be attending the Flight and Ground Simulation Update 2006 at the university of Binghampton (NY). I am really looking forward to this course, that I will attend for my work. While I am on the other side of the Atlantic I am also going to spend two weekends over there as a sort of short holiday (going to visit New York for example). So don’t expect any new blog posts during that period. Once I am back, I am sure that I have some interesting things to post about. Maybe I can even apply some of … Continue reading Away…

Object library mania

Since the release of EZ-Scenery I have seen quite a few discussion of people who asked if they could convert a Rwy12 library into a library for EZ-Scenery. Or I read about other people who started to decompile object libraries, so that they could create a EZ-Scenery library using the supplied library manager. I find this a worrying development. EZ-Scenery is a wonderful tool, that allows someone who is not a hardcore scenery designer to place a few objects on his local airport very easily. But when those people start to decompile other libraries, it is very easy to create … Continue reading Object library mania