New York

I am already a few days back from my trip to New York and here is a little travel report. Unfortunately I also brought back a bit of flu, so that is why I have not been really active the last days.

Our trip started at Amsterdam Airport Schiphol and luckily we departed from the G-pier, so I had a good look at the recently opened H-pier (I just modeled that one, so I wanted to check if it looked right).

The flight itself was with Delta Airlines in a Boeing 767-300. Luckily I had a window seat on this flight, so I could take a good look at the scenery. I have for example been looking at the sun reflection in the ocean for some while. Really cool how all those different colors blend. I must say that the sun reflections in MSFS don’t look that bad, they certainly look better then the ones (or should I say lack of ones) in the image generator we use at work. I guess that is something we can improve in the future.

When we arrived in New York there was an overcast, so unfortunately we could not really enjoy that view from the aircraft. But we had two days left to explore the city, before our course would start. As the city is very big of course, we mainly walked around it to feel the atmosphere. Our hotel was nicely located in Manhattan, so one day we walked to the south till we reached the end of the island. And the other day we went up north  to Central Park. And the last day we walked over the bridges into Brooklyn and back again. The view from those bridges was really nice.

I was impressed by the skyline as well. I have read the book “The island at the Center of the World” from Russell Shorto. It is about the first few (Dutch) years of the city of New York (then called New Amsterdam). In it are also some drawings of the skyline back then. The highest building was probably the windmill they had constructed. If you know see all those huge skyscrappers at the same place, it makes it hard to image how it once was.

Now that I am talking about the Dutch origin of the city anyway, did you know that Brooklyn comes from the Dutch town called Breukelen? And similar to that the name Harlem comes from the Dutch city Haarlem? Those are a few things that still remind of the Dutch origin of the city. Another is Wall Street. At the location of this street, the city wall used to be in the Dutch times. But I guess that is enough history for today!

From New York city we drove by car to Binghamton. Our course was given
there at the university. At first I had never heard of that place and
it did not really make sense why we had to go especially to there for a
course on flight simulation.

But it seemed that Edwin Link
designed and constructed his first link trainer in that area. At the
local airport there is even an model displayed. So this region really
has the roots of flight simulation and that makes it easier to
understand why exactly that university has collected quite some
knowledge on the subject.

The course itself was very interesting. A lot of different aspects of
simulation where discussed. It ranged from motion systems, to visual
systems, from control loaders to image generators. And of course the
aspects of mathematical modelling for the simulation were also touched.
In the end it was a really interesting week that provided a lot of
information about simulation and all its aspects. I will certainly not
become an expert in all, but it should always help to talk better with
the colleagues who are.

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