I am sure you all have this problem, where to find the time to realize all the scenery ideas you have. I always seem to have a huge list of ideas for sceneries or tools that I want to test, try, design, etc. This means that I am usually doing many things at the same time, causing none of them to progress as fast as I would like. I am for example a member of the NL2000 scenery design team. As part of this project that covers a scenery of the entire country, I am mainly developing airport sceneries. Last … Continue reading Time

The last piece of the animation puzzle

As I wrote two days ago, I was testing a method based on the CAT tweaks to make animation possible that use more than 1024 frames. While finding a trigger to get that animation running correctly (which I got working in the end), I made an even bigger discovery. I finally understood the last part of the animation puzzle, the interpolation table that is in between the integer frame number and the actual interpolation of the animation itself. This did some sort of magic conversion that I never really understood, until today. It writes a part of a floating number … Continue reading The last piece of the animation puzzle

1021, 1022, 1023, … crash?

Today I have tried to break a limit of FS again. This time the 1024 frames per animation limit was the thing I tried to come around. Of course I can not really increase this limit, as it simply is there, but I have tried to play different animations after each other (each maximum 1024 frames long). That way we can make an animation that requires more than 55 seconds to play, I want to use it for animated traffic at an airport for example. Those who have followed my forum a bit longer, know that I have been working … Continue reading 1021, 1022, 1023, … crash?

New FsX screenshots

A few additional screenshots of FsX have been released. I must say I like the amount of detail you see on the platform in the first screenshot. Now let’s hope that the code used to create this is easy to use in our addons as well.


About a week ago I wrote about OGR, but actually that library is part of a bigger one. That is the Geospatial Data Abstraction Library (GDAL). And this library offers some very nice features as well. Let me give an example. It comes with a few tools for example and at work I used one of these to convert a scanned airport chart into a GeoTIFF image. I just told the program the latitude and longitude of a few pixel locations (threshold, airport reference point, etc). With this information the tools were able to convert my image into WGS84 projection … Continue reading GDAL


A few weeks ago FsX has been announced and now and then new screenshots appear. And until now I haven’t even mentioned this great news on my blog. But I do not want to discuss the released screenshots here, there is enough discussion going on about that on general FS forums. And I think most people will agree that they look great. Since the announcement of FsX I have already seen a few discussion about the backwards compatibility of scenery. And on that subject I would like to give my opinion. The question is always will my old addons still … Continue reading FsX

Texture and material blend

At work we have recently updated our image generation software and the models that I had converted from GMax models suddenly looked a lot darker in the visual. To dark actually. So after a bit of searching we found out that the new version of the IG blends the material and texture, while the old on did not. So because the ambient color of the material was not white, but gray, it resulted in a darkening of the texture. With this extra knowledge that was easy to fix of course. Because I was interested to see how FS behaves here, … Continue reading Texture and material blend


The last few days I have been using the OGR library at work. As the website says, it is a Simple Feature Library. It allows you to rather easy read, manipulate and write vector features in different file formats (for example DXF or SHP). This can be very useful, as you do not have to create your own file format parser, as I did for my DXF2SCA tool. And the manipulation of the vector data is really nice. At work we for example use the union function to make one  big polygon out of different taxiway segments. And the buffer … Continue reading OGR