Texture and material blend

At work we have recently updated our image generation software and the models that I had converted from GMax models suddenly looked a lot darker in the visual. To dark actually. So after a bit of searching we found out that the new version of the IG blends the material and texture, while the old on did not. So because the ambient color of the material was not white, but gray, it resulted in a darkening of the texture. With this extra knowledge that was easy to fix of course.

Because I was interested to see how FS behaves here, I did a few tests with blending of material and texture there as well. I posted about the results on my forum, but the main conclusion is that FS only blends the emissive color. All other colors do not have an effect on the display of the texture. Only the combination of a specular color and the power parameter seems to have some effect, but I can not create a useful visual effect with them. It only seems to distort the image.

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