Encarta Instant Answers

Today we celebrate Queens day here in the Netherlands. Actually it is kind of confusing as it is supposed to be tomorrow, but as that is a sunday so they moved it one day ahead. And now to confuse you foreigners even more, tomorrow is not even the birthday of our current queen, it is the birthday of the previous queen. The current queen has her birthday in January, which is probably not the best season to have a public holiday. But enough for this introduction,  I don’t know why, but I was playing with the Encarta Instant Answers a … Continue reading Encarta Instant Answers

The math of the gate

I have been able to create some nice mathematical formulas that describe the end position of the gate, based extension length and the different heading and pitch angles. Of course these equations are rather complex, with a lot of sine and cosine functions, so that makes them hard to solve by hand. So I think to do it with some smart computer program and that sort of works. But unfortunately this set of equations does not have a single solution, so a simple answer was not possible. The next step I took is to implement these equations in a little … Continue reading The math of the gate

Wireless trouble

The last few days my wireless connection seems to be a bit unrealiable. Every few minutes the connection drops and it takes a while to reconnect. So until I have figured out what causes this, expect me to be online a bit less (especially on MSN).

Some more animation tricks

To some of you it might seem that I only hang around forums and create new tools, but sometimes I also work on some actual scenery. I do that as part of the NL2000 team. For the Schiphol scenery I have been working on the animated gates the last week and this gave me a good chance to test some new animation ideas I had. These gates will use the ActiGate module to show different animations based on the aircraft type you use. I know Nick has been working on the same for his Shannon scenery and he has made … Continue reading Some more animation tricks

No math?

The last two days I posted rather positive about those new animation macros I was writing. Today I am a little less positive, as it seems I have hit a limit of BGLC/MASM (as far as I know BGLC is build on MASM). It seems I can only do very simple mathematical calculations in those macros. But to do fun stuff, I need more than a sum or a multiplication. I would like to calculate square roots and cosines as well. So I guess I need to do a little more research if such functions are available in MASM or … Continue reading No math?

Animations made easier

I have made some progress again on the animation macros I wrote about last week. As I have never written programs in assembler code before, it is quite a nice challenge to learn how to use conditions and loops in those macros (but it is also fun of course). I have already defined a command that generates all the tables needed to interpolate the frame number from the tick18 counter. Instead of loads of code in your ASM file, that are hard to understand, there is now simple one call to the new macro. When compiling the MDL object, the … Continue reading Animations made easier

Animation macros

Tonight I have been trying to do something new, writing some new macros for BGLC_9. I had been playing with the idea to make a few new macros for animation commands for a while already and now I gave it a try. It seems to be working better than I had expected, as it is very well possible to make a macro that creates those long interpolation tables. All you end up with in your code in the end is one simple call to that macro. That certainly makes the ASM code easier to read in the end. And when … Continue reading Animation macros

An award!

Real life kept me busy the last two weeks, so that prevented me from posting more often. But yesterday I received some news that woke me up again, I have been awarded a Most Valuable Professional (MVP) Award by Microsoft. Wow… As I am sure you can imagine, this was a very nice surpise to me. I am honoured that my contribution to the FS community gets recognised this way. As I am still a bit overwhelmed by this news, I don’t know what else to write for the moment. I just want to share this news with you for … Continue reading An award!