Animation macros

Tonight I have been trying to do something new, writing some new macros for BGLC_9. I had been playing with the idea to make a few new macros for animation commands for a while already and now I gave it a try. It seems to be working better than I had expected, as it is very well possible to make a macro that creates those long interpolation tables. All you end up with in your code in the end is one simple call to that macro.

That certainly makes the ASM code easier to read in the end. And when I have finished a few more of those macros, I hope I can also perform tweaks to the animations much faster (that is the main reason I started this for). So in the end I hope to be able to make animations of a gate for different aircraft types, without having to animate them all manually in GMax. Just by giving a few parameters (distance, height, etc) and the macro should perform all the funny math for me. If this is really going to work, I still have to see, but until now it is great fun to write those macros.

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