Apron markings preview

A few days ago I posted about the apron markings I was working on and it works out quite nice I must say. For example, the performance has increased compared to the previous markings that were placed with Fs2000 style roads. And due to the way I generate these polygons now, the connection between the different line segments is also better (no gaps anymore). Below you find two screenshots of these markings, to show you all what I am talking about. This is not yet the final version, as I still need to optimize things like the line width and … Continue reading Apron markings preview

A new home for my blog

As you can see my blog has moved to a different server, thanks to Nick for setting this up. At the moment it is rather empty in here, so I guess I need to move the content to this new home as well. So please check back later. Edit: All posts have been moved to here now. Only the comments seem to be a little hard to move from the old blog, so they are probably lost. All I have to do now is to setup the links, etc and everything is fine again. Edit2: The links have been added … Continue reading A new home for my blog


It has been a little quite here lately, but that does not mean I am not doing anything. So time for a little update. Apart from the fact that I have been away for a few days for work (attended a workshop in Engeland), I have also been working on the apron markings for the Schiphol scenery. Let me start with a little introduction on what we want to achieve in that scenery. We want realistic markings, so that means we need more than only a yellow center line. We also need the red clearance lines for example or the … Continue reading Markings

FsX video

This might be old news already for those hanging around the forums a lot, but there is a nice preview movie of FsX. I think it shows quite some very impressive scenery features. Can’t wait to use these in my addons…

GMax, FSDS3 and MakeMDL

With both GMax and FSDS3 now using MakeMDL to create the scenery MDL object, you would expect that the resulting code of these objects would be very similar, but while testing the output of both programs with some of my tools, it appears that this is not really the case. Let me start by saying that I do not want to compare the features of GMax and FSDS3 here. Some users prefer the user interface of FSDS3, while others like the one of GMax. I want to discuss the differences in the code of the objects that are generated in … Continue reading GMax, FSDS3 and MakeMDL

Project management

This time I want to talk about something different than cool new techniques or tools. I would like to discuss the way I prefer to manage my scenery projects. I think you will all know that you can generate quite a few (source) files when creating a scenery. And when you can keep them well organized it makes your work a lot easier. This became especially important for me, when we started to work together on the same airport with different designers in the NL2000 team. We started to use a CVS system to synchronise the sources between those different … Continue reading Project management