I would like to point your attention to cool OpenSource project this time, OSSIM. At work we make use of this tool to mosaic different aerial images for example. But it can do a lot other image manipulating related tasks as well, like color matches between different images or reprojecting images to a different projection. So have a look at this awesome tool. While reading the manual of OSSIM, I noticed that it should also be able to do image tiling. This could be a useful feature when trying to make the tiles for a high resolution ground layout. But … Continue reading Awesome

Live Meeting

While chatting with Nick today, we were looking for an easy way to show each other what we were doing on screen. For example to describe a bug or explain how we would like a feature to be. In the end Nick came up with a Microsoft Office Live Meeting test session and I must say that it worked great. It is a really helpfull tool when discussing things online. Being able to see how other people use the tools you have designed is also very useful, as it might not always be the way you thought people would use … Continue reading Live Meeting

Tool updating time

It was last friday that I had a nice chat with Nick once again (had been some time ago) and in the process we came to talk about MDL Tweaker as well. It seemed that Nick had not seen the latest beta version of that tool yet, so while chatting Nick started to test this version a bit. Of course he was able to produce some new bugs and errors for me very soon, as well as a lot of good ideas on how to improve features or the interface. All these new ideas and suggestions, formed a very good … Continue reading Tool updating time


I am back, hopefully the leakage has been fixed now (I still have the new sealant beneath my fingernails). I can’t say that I had much fun trying to fix the shower, now I know for sure that I am not really a do-it-yourselfer. I can’t say that I did not have fun at all this last week, as I visited the shooting range of the Dutch airforce on the island of Vlieland. It was really cool to visit the control tower there and see the aircraft and helicopters fly by really close. We had a great day there, see … Continue reading Vliehors

Fixing a shower

I haven’t got much FS related to report at the moment, as almost all of my spare time is being spend on fixing my shower. Last week I noticed a little wet spot on the floor of my PC room and it turned out that the shower had slowly been leaking water into that room (which is next to the shower). As PCs don’t like wet feet in general, my first priority is now to fix this of course. So at the moment I am fighting with the old sealant, in an attempt to remove it. Once that is done … Continue reading Fixing a shower