I am back, hopefully the leakage has been fixed now (I still have the new sealant beneath my fingernails). I can’t say that I had much fun trying to fix the shower, now I know for sure that I am not really a do-it-yourselfer.

I can’t say that I did not have fun at all this last week, as I visited the shooting range of the Dutch airforce on the island of Vlieland. It was really cool to visit the control tower there and see the aircraft and helicopters fly by really close. We had a great day there, see the two photos below.

We did not only visit the range to watch the aircraft of course, we are also going to model it in the NL2000 scenery. So we took some good photos and notes for that as well. After all the repairing of my shower, I am really looking forward to spend more time on scenery design again this week.

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