Ready to go…

It is summer again, so that means it is also time for a vacation. The next three weeks I am free from work and tomorrow my two week vacation to Corsica starts. I have booked a group travel and we’ll be cycling around the northern part of the island. Luckily I will not have to carry all my stuff (like a tent, sleeping bag, etc) on the bicycle as well, the group leader will carry that for us with a van. I am really looking forward to this vacation. It is very nice to be totally away from work and … Continue reading Ready to go…

CompileHelper – fixed

Four days ago I wrote about CompileHelper and while making the screenshots for that post I found a new bug in the tool as well. I have now solved this problem and the new version is available for download.

Optimize it!

A while ago I made a post about the differences when creating MDL files with GMax or FSDS3. But when I looked again at this problem recently, it seemed to be a little different than I wrote back then. It’s not the X file that FSDS3 creates that causes the different MDL file, it turned out that FSDS3 uses MakeMDL without the optimize option turned on. As soon as you compile the X file manually with that option turned on, the code of the generated MDL file looks a lot better already. As the name already suggests, the optimize option … Continue reading Optimize it!

LiveMeeting – part 3

Tonight was the night. We had our first LiveMeeting about scenery design for FS. As a subject for this first meeting we had chosen the MDL Tweaker II tool. Mainly because it is a new and interested tool that we wanted to show more about. And also because it was an easy enough subject for a first meeting. I think about about 5 people had turned up for this meeting, not a very huge amount, but enough for a first trial. And as things went rather well, we will announce the next meetings more widely so that other designers can … Continue reading LiveMeeting – part 3


A common problem that you read often about in forums, is that people have trouble to compile their ASM or XML files back into MDL or BGL files. Typical messages in such posts include “I drop the file on BGLComp and nothing happens” or “I dropped the file on BGLC and a black screen flashed shortly, but I could not read it”. In most of these cases the problem is that the compiler has a problem and displays an error. But because these people used the windows drag-and-drop method, they can not see what the compiler is trying to tell … Continue reading CompileHelper

AGNIS/PAPA docking system

Today (or actually I should say last night I think), I finally found the time to finish the AGNIS/PAPA docking system I was working on. For those not familair with this system, it contains of two unit. One is the azimuth display that shows if the pilot is lined up with the leadin line correctly. If he is two green lights show and when he gets to far of the center the light on that side will turn red. So all the pilot has to do is keep two green lights. To determine the stop distance there is a stop … Continue reading AGNIS/PAPA docking system

LiveMeeting – part 2

About a week of two ago, Nick and I played a little bit with Microsoft Office LiveMeeting. Back then we saw a potential to use this technique for some online, interactive tutorials as well. So tonight we did another test and this time Thorsten joined in as well to see how well everything worked from the perspective of a normal user. In the beginning we had some trouble to get all the audio working correctly. For example when using the webclient, it seemed not possible to listen to the broadcasted audio. So it took us some time before we could … Continue reading LiveMeeting – part 2

Back in my computer room

A few weeks ago I wrote my shower leaking a little water and that my room where I have my computers was in danger of getting a little wet. So since then my house has been a sort of a mess, with books piled up all over my living room and bedroom and with the computer standing on the dinning table. In the mean time I let the computer room dry up and replaced the sealant of the shower. But the carpet and the wallpaper did not look very nice anymore after drying up, so with some help from my … Continue reading Back in my computer room

Log it!

There is a new feature in the latest MDL Tweaker II release that I did not yet point out. This new feature is the event log screen. When there is a warning or an error this will be the place to look for the message. The image above shows three warnings for missing textures. So whenever your preview seems to miss some textures, have a look at the Event log first to see if there were problems loading them. You can find the Event log in the Window menu. To be honest, at the moment the warnings for missing textures … Continue reading Log it!