Ready to go…

It is summer again, so that means it is also time for a vacation. The next three weeks I am free from work and tomorrow my two week vacation to Corsica starts. I have booked a group travel and we’ll be cycling around the northern part of the island. Luckily I will not have to carry all my stuff (like a tent, sleeping bag, etc) on the bicycle as well, the group leader will carry that for us with a van.

I am really looking forward to this vacation. It is very nice to be totally away from work and computers for two weeks. I find it very relaxing to cycle around, enjoy the landscape, the food, the weather, etc. Of course cycling in a country that is not as flat as the Netherlands will be more tiring, but that is part of the fun. At least you have a nice view when you have climbed a hill or mountain.

I am sure I’ll meet some nice people again in the group and I will have a good time. So see you again in two weeks time and in the mean time I won’t see a computer, so I will not post anything or read any emails.

The image below is from last year, when I cycled in Navara (Spain).

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