ObPlacer XML and Rwy12 object libraries

After the release of EZ-Scenery, I have made a few posts on this blog about the object library mania that occured back then. As people tried to convert Rwy12 library into EZ-Scenery libraries, while they are actually almost the same (only the way the information about the library is read into the tool is different). In principle any object library made with the Fs2004 XML scenery format, should work fine with any of the object placement tools made for this XML format. So, how about ObPlacer XML you might be thinking. That tool uses a different way to read the … Continue reading ObPlacer XML and Rwy12 object libraries

A slow MDL Tweaker

About a week ago I received a message on the forum that MDL Tweaker crashed on a certain object. After the designer of the object send me his MDL file, I soon figured out why it crashed. This was simply the most complex object I had ever tried to load into MDL Tweaker and a few integers had an overflow because the object had more than 32768 vertices. This was not that hard to fix of course, I just had to make sure that these big integers were read correctly. But after I had fixed the errors, MDL Tweaker did … Continue reading A slow MDL Tweaker

Running a forum

I have been running the SceneryDesign.org forums for about 3 years now and I must say that a lot has changed over these years. When I started the site, I was looking for a place to store the tips and tricks I had on my personal homepage. And I added the forum to see if a place to discuss scenery design related topics would be useful as well. By now I think we can say that the forum has been found useful by the visitors. There is a base of regular visitors and a lot of designers know to find … Continue reading Running a forum

Back home

I am back home and had a great vacation on Corsica. It is a really nice island to cycle around (although we only saw the northern part of it), with a lot of nice hills and mountains to climb. And every time a fantastic view on the landscape and the sea. So now that I am back I am trying to catch up with everything I missed. An interesting FsX demo seems to be one of those things.