Do forums grow?

Lately [Nick] has been trying to hijack the forums and today I finally gave in to him. So you can expect some changes to the forum in the near future. And of course Nick has no evil intentions with the forums, so you don't have to be afraid of it.

Now more seriously, as you probably know, we are both MVPs for Flight Simulator. And we would like to encourage discussion about addon development for Flight Simulator. So therefore we want to stimulate a community where addon designers can discuss all their problems. The forums already provide that for scenery designers already, but we would like to expand it. Into aircraft design for example, but also into the new options that FsX will offer. So therefore we are going to transform it into a community for FS developers.

And no, the current users of the forum don't have to be scared for these changes. We keep seperate places to discuss these different subjects. Just stay tuned for more news. 

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