(It’s) time to explore FsX

First of all, sorry for my lack of posting the last time. I have been quite busy lately, so I have not had as much time as I would like to post about some interesting FsX things. But keep an eye on this blog, I hope to add some more posts in the coming days.

Now that FsX has been released, an interesting time for developers has come. We have the challange of exploring the differences and the new features that we can use in our developments. Especially for scenery designers I think the FsX scenery engine offers some cool new features, like the increased photo resolution on the mesh scenery.

So as you can image I am really looking forward to exploring all those new things. The new SDKs, the changed scenery MDL format, how to update my tools, etc. But unfortunately I also have some commitments to the [NL2000] project at the moment, for which I still have to finish some Fs2004 scenery work. Although I am absolutely not happy with that at the moment, I really would love to dive fully into FsX at the moment, I can't let the team down at this moment. So for the next few weeks, don't expect to much FsX activity from me yet. But after that I will certainly start working on updates for my tools and other interesting stuff.

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