Out of bandwidth (again)

As you might have noticed the FsDeveloper website is down at the moment, because all bandwidth for this month has already been used. I had already asked the webhost for a few GB extra a few days ago, but it seems he has not added them yet. I am trying to get him to do this as soon as possible, so that the website will be available again. So hopefully the site should work again tomorrow.

As this is already the second month that we have this problem, we are currently looking at a more structural solution for this problem, as it seems buying the extra bandwidth when needed will not always work fast enough to keep the site running. So I hope this is the last month that we have this kind of trouble. I’ll keep you updated once the site is available again.

PS. Sorry for my lack of posts in the last weeks, I have been much to busy with other project (for example an Fs2004 scenery project, while I would prefer to spend my time on FsX now). But I should get a little more time in the coming weeks, so then I will also post more again (and finally have the time to fully explore FsX and write about that).

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