Happy Christmas!

I would like to wish all the readers of my blog a happy Christmas. And if you are lucky enough to have a few days free from work as well, I hope you have the chance to enjoy some FS as well during the coming period. Personally I’ll be away the coming days, as I am with my family during Christmas. But from next tuesday I will be back home and I am looking forward to be able to spend some more time on FsX and tools during these days. So hopefully you can expect some tool updates as well … Continue reading Happy Christmas!

Randomize it!

I have added a little new feature to ObPlacer XML. While finishing some general aviation airports for the [NL2000] scenery I was planting trees with ObPlacer XML and I noticed that the resulting scenery was a bit boring with all trees having the same size. So I decided to add a little option that allows you to randomize the scale of certain objects. Let me explain a little further how this work. First you just place all the trees like you normally do, so without taking care of the scale. After you are done you use the newly added “Scale … Continue reading Randomize it!

Early christmas present

Most of you have probably already seen this, but MS has released an update to the FsX SDK. You can get it from the FsInsider download page. Probably the most important component of this update is the GMax gamepack for FsX, this allows us to make models from GMax in the new MDL format. One warning, as I have seen some discussion about this on the forums already. You need to have FsX Deluxe to use this SDK update (and to use the GMax gamepack as well thus). The update requires that you have the origional SDK installed and that … Continue reading Early christmas present

Lazy LOD

As I already mentioned in my previous post I have been working hard on a scenery of Schiphol airport recently. As this is quite a big airport and we tried to make it detailed as well, we ended up with a lot of objects. Unfortunately this did not improve the performance a lot. In the past you could easily limit the visibility distance of an object with the v1 value of the reference point. But in the Fs2004 XML format this is not possible. I know you are know thinking that we should just have added LODs to our MDL … Continue reading Lazy LOD

I can’t see more gates anymore

Finally I have the time again to make a more serious blog post here. You might be wondering what I have been up to lately? It has been mainly the [NL2000] scenery project that kept me busy. We are currently finishing the beta version of our next release and for the scenery of Schiphol airport I had promised to make nicely animated gates. A while ago I already made some posts on mathematical calculations I was trying to make to calculate how a gate should animate to dock to a certain type of aircraft. I have now finished this tool … Continue reading I can’t see more gates anymore