Library Creator XML 2.0

Today I started coding on the update to make Library Creator XML fully compatible with FsX. Or actually I should say that I started with this new version from scratch, using C# this time. As Library Creator is not a very complex tool, I have been able to get a lot done in just one day. And this was also a good exercise in making a GUI with C# (and I can say I like it a lot).

Compared to the current version of Library Creator XML expect the following new features:

  • MDL files will be checked to see if they are valid (this also allows checking if they are for Fs2004 or for FsX)
  • For FsX MDL files the GUID and friendly name are extracted, so that these can be shown in the GUI. This gives you an easy way to find the GUID of your MDL (looking it up in GMax is not always that easy).
  • The user interface should be even easier to use. I have tried to get rid of all things that were not really needed.

Below you can see a first screenshot. All objects in this screenshot are FsX MDL files, so the name and GUID shown have been extracted from the MDL file. I hope to get a first working alpha version ready later this week and then I will post it on the forums so that people can test it.


2 thoughts on “Library Creator XML 2.0

  1. Hello, I am now learning to work with FSDS3 and ja I created two objects. I do not understand the englês and I use a translator to help then excuses me for the written harm. For what I understood this program assists me in the object creation for RWY12.

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