Scenery Shortcut

Both Owen and Nick blogged about the new Scenery Shortcut tool from Abacus in the last days. I must say that personally I don’t really get all the enthousiasm about this tool, as it does not seem to really add something new that you can’t do with the Mission Object Placement tool already.

You can already save your scenery from the Object Placement tool directly. Just use the “Save scenery” button and that will generate a XML file that can be compiled with BGLComp into a BGL scenery file you can use in your scenery. So all you have to do outside the Object Placement tool is compiling the BGL file.

I can understand that for some people compiling a XML file into a BGL file can be difficult, that is why I made my CompilerHelper tool in the past as well. So if you have trouble doing that yourself, maybe Scenery Shortcut is a useful tool for you. But I find a 30 MB download a bit big, for a tool that only does that. So I wonder what else you get for those 30 MB….


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