New FwTools version solves some of my trouble

In the past I have already written about the markings I was working on for the Schiphol scenery and at the moment I am finalizing them. The tool I made to convert the lines of these markings into polygons uses [OGR] as I wrote about in that earlier post as well.

This week I updated to the latest version of [FwTools] and to my pleasant surprise it has become a lot more stable. In that past my tool sometimes choked on the amount of line segments I was feeding it, but now they are processed fine (although it still takes some time to work through them all).

The OGR library provides some nice functionalty to for example combine, subtract or clip elements in shapefiles. These are the kind of operations I do on my line segments as well, to give them a width and chop them into LOD grids. But now that shapefiles are also used for the terrain tools, this library might also become useful for people working on tools for the mesh scenery. So check it out.

Of course there are always some trouble left. Now that my markings tool can process them correctly, the triangulate algorithm I use when writing the SCASM source files crashes on me. I guess I have to look a bit more into triangulation now… 

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