Library Creator XML 2.0

Today I started coding on the update to make Library Creator XML fully compatible with FsX. Or actually I should say that I started with this new version from scratch, using C# this time. As Library Creator is not a very complex tool, I have been able to get a lot done in just one day. And this was also a good exercise in making a GUI with C# (and I can say I like it a lot). Compared to the current version of Library Creator XML expect the following new features: MDL files will be checked to see if … Continue reading Library Creator XML 2.0

ModelConverterX with textures

As I posted some screenshots yesterday of a church in ModelConverterX, I can not held back this new screenshots. I have now been able to load some textures as well. It will still take some time before this tool can do anything useful, but at least I can now visualize the models that I read in and check if the reading of the MDL file worked OK. That is very useful while I continue to explore the FsX MDL format. And although I can display some textures now, the performance of loading them should still be improved a lot. If … Continue reading ModelConverterX with textures

Is there a future for ObPlacer XML?

As you might already have read on Nicks blog, we are been playing a bit with the Object Placement Tool that comes with the FsX SDK. While this tool has probably been designed with missions in mind primarily, I think it can become a few powerful and useful tool for scenery designers as well. The fact that you can place and move your objects from within FsX and that you can just move them around and see the effects instantly makes this a dream for every scenery designer as well. And when you have your own custom object library loaded, … Continue reading Is there a future for ObPlacer XML?

Is it a gift to annoy people?

Over the last few days I found out that spammers have found a new way to annoy me. This time they are not spamming my blog or my email accounts (well, they are still spamming my email, but not more than usual). I noticed that on the Talk/Discussion pages of the FsDeveloper Wiki they have now started to post links to nonsense stuff. Most of them don’t show up when you look at the page, but when you start to edit it you see the huge amount of links. I try to delete this stuff, but usually within 30 minutes … Continue reading Is it a gift to annoy people?

A nice morning GMax session

This morning I was chatting with [Nick] and it turned out that both of us had not been able to use the new FsX GMax gamepack as much as we would like to in the past weeks. So we decided to have a little session right away, while speaking to each other using Skype. We went over some of the documentation, for example the documentation about the animated jetways and we exchanged some ideas on how we could use that on our own objects. And we also explored the new FlightSimX material type in more detail, to check all the … Continue reading A nice morning GMax session

Progress for today

As the screenshot of the new tool I posted earlier today is not that nice looking with all those weird colors, I thought it would be nice to post another one now at the end of my day to show you how far I have gotten.   As you can see the weird colors are gone now. This is because I have been able to figure out how to read most of the material information. So I can get the material color and texture now, just some of the more advanced material options I can’t get yet. At the moment … Continue reading Progress for today

Working on a new tool

The last few days I have been working on a new tool, it will be called ModelConverterX. In the end the purpose of this tool will be to allow you to convert 3D objects between different formats, for example loading old API macros and saving them again as FsX MDL objects. But I still have a long way to go before all that is ready. At the moment I am mainly working on understanding the new FsX MDL format (and learning C# as a new programming language for my tools as well). The FsX MDL format has changed completely compared … Continue reading Working on a new tool

Happy new year

I would like to wish everybody a happy new year. Hopefully this will be a good year for you all, with a lot of Flight Simulator related fun of course.