For those of you which whom I sometimes talk on MSN as well, you might have noticed (or will notice) that I am moving my contacts to another account. I have a few reasons to do this: The first reason is that I have two accounts since the time I was studying. I then created one account I used when I was on the university and another one for all the flightsim contacts, so that they would not disturb me while I was writing my thesis. Now that I am working there is no need for two accounts anymore (I … Continue reading MSN

Having fun with projections

Using GIS data to create your scenery has become a lot more common in FsX. Vector data can for example converted from shapefiles and for new version of resample can process GeoTIFF images as well. If you have access to this kind of GIS data or can create it yourself, this makes creating the scenery a lot easier (and more fun as well). But there are also aspects of working with GIS data that are hard to get for people not used to this. One of these is the use of projections. All FsX scenery design tools expect the data … Continue reading Having fun with projections