Announcing a new build

Just a quick note to let you know that the new Library Creator XML 2.0 build I talked about a few days ago, has been posted to the forums. Check out this thread from more information and to download the latest version.  

Got a new bike!

I had been looking around for a new bike for weeks already and today I finally bought one. And to prevent some confusion right away, with bike I don’t mean such a thing that has an engine, but a bicycle. Now that spring is coming around again, I am looking forward to take the bicycle to my work again. Hopefully the weather will be good enough already in two weeks time when my current monthly train ticket ends. For those people from abroad where it might not be so common to use a bicycle, I tried to find some statistics. … Continue reading Got a new bike!

What will the new Library Creator XML 2.0 build bring?

This night I made some nice progress again on the next alpha build of Library Creator XML 2.0. I have mainly been focussing now on the features to make the tool more user friendly to use. So for example I have coded the part again that shows the 8 most recent library XML files that you opened. So that you can much faster reload them. Another item on my todo list is to detect changes being made. So that the user can be asked if he wants to save these changes when he quitst the tool without first saving his … Continue reading What will the new Library Creator XML 2.0 build bring?

Are nice people born in March?

The forum software that we use at the FsDeveloper website has the option to automatically send a congratulation email to user that have their birthday at this day. Of course this only happens if the user has entered his day of birth. Sometimes I get a reply on these automatic messages, usually just a quick thanks. But in the last two days I got about 3 such replies, which is a lot more than usual. So this made me wonder, would people born in March be friendlier?

Library Creator XML 2.0, a new build

I have just uploaded a new build of Library Creator XML 2.0 alpha to the forums. In this latest build I have added back most of the functions that are available in the 1.0 version. Only the Rwy12 export is still missing, I will try to add that again in the next build. But I have also added some completely new functionality. You can now drag and drop your MDL files onto the tool from Windows Explorer. This makes it even easier to add objects to your object library. So check out this latest version and as soon as I … Continue reading Library Creator XML 2.0, a new build

Downloads also online again

After updating the software used in the download center, it is back online now. I have also adjusted the settings of the download center a bit, so hopefully that will prevent the problems with the high server load we had yesterday.  

Website running again

The FsDeveloper website is online again, but I had to disable the download section for the moment. It was the script from the download section causing the server load. It seemed someone from China was calling this script very often. Until I have found a solution for this, the download section will remain offline. I will try to install the latest version of the download script tomorrow, to see if it helps.  

Some normal map tricks

I do promise this will be my last post about normal maps for today, as I finally got them to work as I wanted. Due to the way MS has written their shaders, some special care is needed when constructing your normal map texture. If you just use the plugins that are made for it, the shading of your object will be wrong in FS. So take these steps to get the correct result: First make sure you have a bump map for your texture Convert it into a normal map with the plugin Copy the content of the red … Continue reading Some normal map tricks

Normal map plugin

Hope you are not yet fed up with all my posts about normal maps. The SDK advice us to use the Nvidia Normal Map plugin for PhotoShop to create our normal maps. For those using the GIMP I just found a plugin that offers the same functionality, but then for the GIMP. I just wanted to share that with you.