What will the new Library Creator XML 2.0 build bring?

This night I made some nice progress again on the next alpha build of Library Creator XML 2.0. I have mainly been focussing now on the features to make the tool more user friendly to use. So for example I have coded the part again that shows the 8 most recent library XML files that you opened. So that you can much faster reload them. Another item on my todo list is to detect changes being made. So that the user can be asked if he wants to save these changes when he quitst the tool without first saving his work.

In this next build I will also add the ability to export the Rwy12 XML files again, so that all functionality of the 1.0 version can now also be found in the 2.0 one. So maybe I can better call this next build a beta version, as it should be quite stable and functional by now. I expect the next build somewhere this weekend.

And I do promise that while you will be testing this next build, that I will start on writing a manual for this new version of Library Creator XML.

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