Library Creator XML 2.0.1 released

Finally I have been able to officially release the new version of Library Creator XML that I have been talking about a lot lately. Check this thread in the forum for all the details. This new tool is the first tool that I have written in C#, before I mainly used VB6. Although Library Creator XML is not a very complex tool of course, I think it was a nice project to get more used to the new language. I feel that I am more comfortable with C# now, so that allows me to move on to more complex tools. … Continue reading Library Creator XML 2.0.1 released

Strange maps

 A few days ago I came across this very cool blog that has a collection of all sorts of interesting maps. For example I found a blog post their about some Dutch annexation plans  after the second  World War. But there are is also a nice post about the presidential elections in France from last weekend. I am not sure if more scenery designs are such “map idiots” like me, but have a look at this blog if you are. 

While I was away…

While I was away to Cologne this week to attend a exhibition for my work, it seems quite a few interesting things happened in the FS world. Here is a quick summary of all the things I seem to have missed:  The software of the community server this blog is on has been updated, all seems running fine now but you might have noticed in the process. The ACES team updated their FsInsider site, I think the new version is a lot easier to use and find the information you want. And besides that it also just looks better, so … Continue reading While I was away…

Did you say manual?

I know some time has passed since I said that I would make a manual for Library Creator XML 2.0. But the good news is that I actually started doing so today. So once that is ready, you can expect a non beta release of this new version, as it seems quite stable at the moment. I just also mention that this weekend I found a bug in the tool, sometimes the new GUIDs for Fs2004 MDL files are not determined correctly. This results in compilation error, but has been fixed now. So with the next release you will get … Continue reading Did you say manual?

Spammers be gone!

You might know that I have blogged a few times already about the spammers that annoy me daily. Ever way you have on your website to let the users interact with you, seems to be misused by spammers as well. Let me name a few examples. On this blog you can leave a comment, but about 99% of the comments I receive are spam. That is also the reason that the comments don’t appear right away. I have to approve them first, so that the spam will not flood you. A few months ago I already mentioned that the talk … Continue reading Spammers be gone!

Some Wiki maintenance

Yesterday I performance some maintenance on the FsDeveloper Wiki. Just some common tasks like assigned uncategorized articles to a category, so that they can be found more easily. While doing that I also noticed that some user(s) have been working hard to get some basic information about mission design onto the Wiki. So if you are into mission design as well, check it out and add your own knowledge. Another new category on the Wiki is called File Formats, it contains information about the different file formats used in FS. At the oment the focus is mainly on the MDL … Continue reading Some Wiki maintenance

April 1st joke?

Yesterday I found an email message from MS in my inbox. Although the date might make you a little suspicious, this email was certainly no joke. My MVP award has been extended for another year, so that is great news. Time has gone quite fast the last year, it does not seem like a year ago that I got my award. Hopefully this next year will also bring good interaction with the ACES team, to the benefit of FS and the developer community.