Spammers be gone!

You might know that I have blogged a few times already about the spammers that annoy me daily. Ever way you have on your website to let the users interact with you, seems to be misused by spammers as well. Let me name a few examples.

On this blog you can leave a comment, but about 99% of the comments I receive are spam. That is also the reason that the comments don’t appear right away. I have to approve them first, so that the spam will not flood you.

A few months ago I already mentioned that the talk page on the Wiki was also used to post spam to. And the last week it seems they have also found out that the connect form on the forums can be used to send stuff. So I get some spam on it daily now.

It is quite annoying to get all those useless messages. I always wonder why they send out that stuff anyway, all you do when you get it is press the Delete button and be annoyed. I always wonder how stupid the people are that really respond to it and make those spammers continue doing it as they can earn money with it.

Let’s hope the amount of spam does not increase future, as that might mean that the way to interact with the community members has to be restricted even further, which is not something I would like to do.


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