At the beginning of this year, I wrote a few blog posts about the ModelConverterX tool I had started working on. Then I was working on the reader to read FsX MDL files. Last week I also started on a reader that can read SCASM source files, for example API or SCM macros. I certainly can’t read any object yet, actually at the moment the reader can only read basic vertex and polygon information. But still I wanted to show you all this first progress, to let you know that there is some progress. Below you see a picture of an object read into the tool.

Obviously, the next thing I need to work on, is the correct reading of colors and textures, as this object does not really look like the museum it is supposed to be at the moment. Once that is done I will be able to show you a slightly nicer picture.

For those of you that haven’t heard of my ModelConverterX tool idea, this will become a tool that can read and write different object formats. For the first version I am thinking of reading API macros and then saving them as FsX MDL files. This will allow you to use your older objects with the “new” XML techniques. 

2 thoughts on “ModelConverterX

  1. I wait with bated breath to see if you can pull this one off. If you can it will save me many weeks of work in converting old airport such as Ballina (YBNA) into FSX for VOZ. Even a tool to read the vertex information and put out polygons in GMAX or FSDS readable format would be helpful.

  2. Hi John,

    As you might have read in my post from this week, I am currently working on the export functionality. I can already write the FsX X file, but XtoMDL does not want to compile it yet. Once that is solved, it should be able to convert some objects already.

    Of course the API reader might need to be debugged a bit with some more macros, as I am sure I don’t catch all commands now, but it is a place to start :).

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