Replacement jetways

Since last week I have been playing with the new jetway feature of FsX, to see if I can get my own jetway model used in there. I still need to learn a little more about bones, skins and IK animations to get it all working on a proper jetway model, but tonight I learned a very valuable lesson.

If you are trying to use the GUID of a jetway model in the XML Jetway command and the objects do not appear, please make sure that the three IK handles as described in the SDK (IK_MainHandle, IK_SecondaryHandle and IK_WheelsGroundLock) are implemented in your model. If you use the GUID of a model that does not have them, nothing will show at all. So not even a static jetway. Took me a little while to figure that out.

Once I also got the animation working properly (only did some test IK animations until now), you can be sure I will report back again. But I am confident now that it will be possible to replace the default jetway model, with one that looks more like the real jetways on the airport.


One thought on “Replacement jetways

  1. Hi Arno
    Have had the same problem with new FSX jet ways .You may have noticed that we can’t not actually call the animation even if you call the correct GUID. It just appears in the scenery without animation. I am not sure but it is something related to the animations itself and not the object. Maybe for example we should just use three state animations!

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