A little bit of success

I just succeeded in exporting my first object from ModelConverterX back into FsX. In a previous post I showed a museum building that I had loaded into ModelConverterX from an API macro. Now I have been able to write it as a X file again, which I compiled into a FsX MDL file with XtoMDL. And the screenshot below shows you that it shows up in FS like it should. So that means that the tool is getting close to actually doing what I want it to do. Loading in objects in one format and then saving them in another. … Continue reading A little bit of success

XtoMDL does not yet like my X files

 Yesterday I wrote about the continuing work on ModelConverterX. As I already mentioned then, watching the Tour de France delayed my progress a little bit. But I got as far as exporting my object as a FsX X file. At least that is what I thought. But XtoMDL does not yet seem to agree with me, as it refuses to compile the X file into a MDL. So I guess I have some more debugging to do, to see where I made the error in the X file. But at least I seem close to having an API macros being … Continue reading XtoMDL does not yet like my X files

NL2000 version 3

As you might have read on the internet already, the new version of the [NL2000] scenery has been released. This latest release is for Fs2004 and again covers the entire country, with all its airports. The main difference is that this time the entire country has been filled with 1 meter per pixel photo scenery, hence the big download size of around 22 GB. Personally I am very happy that this scenery has finally been released. Not because that means that the scenery is ready, but because that means I can now finally spend all my time on FsX. I … Continue reading NL2000 version 3


Loading in all the different kind of textures that FS supports in a tool can be a quite challenging task. Some scenery object use 8 bit textures, others 32 bit, or compressed DXT textures. Some objects even still use the old RAW textures with a palette. And in FsX the DDS format has been added to this long list. For my MDL Tweaker tool I have used the graphical DLL files by Martin Wright to help me reading the different (compressed) textures that FS supports. But yesterday when working on ModelConverterX I can across another library that can also help … Continue reading GFL SDK

Two new FS MVPs

Two more FS MVPs have been added recently, Lefteris Kalamaras and Brian Gefrich. Congratulations to them and I think we should be very happy with the increasing number of FS MVPs around in the community. Also check Owens blog post with some more info about these new MVPs.