ModelConverterX forum opened

I have just added a forum for the ModelConverterX tool to the [FsDeveloper] site. Please also check the post where I explained the ideas behind this tool and what you can expect in the first alpha release. And if you don’t mind I’ll go back to the coding now, so that this alpha release will be there soon.

Working with the GeoTIFF library

I came across this interesting article on how to use the GeoTIFF library today. This might be of interest for FS scenery tool designers as well, since the GeoTIFF format can now be used with the FsX resample. So that makes the GeoTIFF format also interesting for background images in tools for example.

ModelConverterX update

Remember the Starfighter screenshot in my previous ModelConverterX post? (If not, please scroll down a little bit). It had some nice pink wheels and a bright green canopy. This evening I have been able to fix these bugs and also export this old API static as a FsX MDL file and place it in FsX. Below you can see a screenshot of how it then looks.    I have also started to make the interface a little more user friendly and remove some debugging features. Once that is done I will put a first beta (or should I say alpha) … Continue reading ModelConverterX update

ModelConverterX progress report

After spending most of my spare time on the upcoming FsDeveloper update in the last two weeks, I was able to get some work done on the ModelConverterX tool again this evening. In my last update on this tool, I mentioned that the code to read the API macros needed some more work and that is what I worked on today. I have improved the reader now, so that it can better read the Fs2002 floating point style API macros (for example generated with FSDS2). Below you see a little screenshot of a F-104 Starfighter static I once made loaded … Continue reading ModelConverterX progress report


I have quite some books (despite my not so old age). I guess if I keep collecting them at this pace I will need a bigger house soon to store them, or I might have to give up some more space in the living room. In the past I have tried some computer programs to catalog all the books I have, but I never found any that I found easy to work with. But last week I read in the newspaper about a site called LibraryThing. As a test I entered about two shelves of my books and I think … Continue reading LibraryThing

FsDeveloper work in progress

As Nick already hinted at in his recent blog post, we have finally started to implement the change to the FsDeveloper website that I already talked about before. Today I have played with the settings to integrate the wiki and the forums a lot better and I can say that I got it working quite well. This integration means that you can use your forum account now as well to log into the wiki. Besides that the wiki pages are now also integrated into the layout of the forums, which means that it should be a lot easier to navigate … Continue reading FsDeveloper work in progress

ObPlacer XML update

I have just released a small update for ObPlacer XML. This new version (0.84) does not have that many changes, but some recent discussions in the community still encouraged me to release it now. This first change is that it includes a new feature, you can now also place a fuel trigger object. For this object you specify the length and width and then if you park your aircraft inside that “box” it will be refueled again. This trigger code does not produce any visual scenery, but without it your visual model of the fuel area does not work either. … Continue reading ObPlacer XML update

Airport Facilitator X

Flight1 has released a new scenery design tool, Airport Facilitator X. I have not (yet) tried this new tool, but looking at the info and pictures they provide it seems to extend AFCAD. Of course it is always good to build on such a nice tool. The tools works with both Fs2004 and FsX, and for FsX they have added support for some of the new features like blast fences and jetways. Another nice feature seems that it can link with FS to show you what you are doing in the sim while you are making the changes. I can … Continue reading Airport Facilitator X