Little update from abroad

As you can see I do have internet access while on travel for my work at the moment. Yesterday we arrived on our destination and today we had a sort of free day to rest from the travelling and enjoy the surrounding landscape a bit. So together with my collegue we drove around in the car a bit, we have seen Paris and Montpelier. Mind you, we are not in France, but in the United States. From Salt Lake City we drove north in the direction of Bear Lake and it seemed that in Southern Idaho they also have a … Continue reading Little update from abroad

I am back for a little while

Just a quick note to let you all know I got back from my vacation safely. I still have to do some unpacking of bags, washing of cloths, etc. So I will be doing that first, before I return fully online and start to read my email and the forums again. Also, next week I will be away travelling for my work, so I will only be home for a few days. Hopefully just enough to catch up with everything going around.  

See you in two weeks

My vacation is now really getting near. Tomorrow morning I will have to leave very early to get to Schiphol and fly to Malaga, Spain. I am really looking forward to get cycling again in an area that is not so extremely flat as the Dutch polder landscape I live in. I have also been able to put an updated version of ModelConverterX online. It solves some of the problems the first alpha release had, so that should allow you to convert more objects without trouble. Of course it is still an alpha version, so I am sure you will … Continue reading See you in two weeks

Wat was waar

This title probably makes no sense to the non-Dutch readers, but it is the name of a website I came across today. On this website you can watch old maps and aerial photos of the Netherlands in a Google Earth style. And in this case with old I mean maps from the 19th century or aerial photos from the Second World War. So if that interests have a look at the site, I enjoyed it a lot browsing through it.

Vacation is getting nearer

It is Thursday morning now and I don’t have to work, that’s a nice feeling. Or maybe I should say I am not sitting in the office, as there is some hard work ahead. I’ll have to try to pack all my stuff for my vacation that starts this Monday. I am going to Andalusia (Spain) this year and just like last year I will be going to do a combination of cycling and camping again. But where I travelled by bus last year, we are going to fly this time. So how do I get my sleeping bag, mattress, … Continue reading Vacation is getting nearer

Looking for some bughunters

I have posted the first alpha version of the ModelConverterX tool on the forum. So if you still own some old API macros, if you are not scared of a tool that might not work 100% percent of the time and if you like to help me in hunting down some more bugs, please check out this thread and give the ModelConverterX tool a try.