Vacation is getting nearer

It is Thursday morning now and I don’t have to work, that’s a nice feeling. Or maybe I should say I am not sitting in the office, as there is some hard work ahead. I’ll have to try to pack all my stuff for my vacation that starts this Monday. I am going to Andalusia (Spain) this year and just like last year I will be going to do a combination of cycling and camping again.

But where I travelled by bus last year, we are going to fly this time. So how do I get my sleeping bag, mattress, cycling helmet, and all those stuff you need in one bag of less than 20 kg? It is good that I have some time now to try how to get that done.

And the first alpha version of ModelConverterX has also resulted in the first bug reports, so I hope to get an updated version done before I leave. But let’s first pack all the stuff.


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