FSDeveloper live again

After a day of hard working we have finished the move of the FSDeveloper website to the new server. Take a look at this post by Nick for a little more background info. Once the DNS change has taken effect you should get the new site now. There are some minor things that still need fixing, for example not all downloads have been added back again. But we will continue working on that tomorrow. If you find any other problems, just let us know of course. 

FsDeveloper down again today

Today the FsDeveloper site will be down again for most of the day, this is because today we will do a second (and hopefully last) attemp to move the site to the new server and get all the new features we have been working on live for the end user as well. I expect the site to go down around 12:00 (CET) and then appear live again somewhere in the evening.

Preparing for another trip to the US

Some of you already know, but next week I will be travelling to the US again. This time it is not for work and I will be going to Seattle. That is because I am going to the AvSim FanConf and the DevConf this year. I am really looking forward to this and if some of you will also be there I am looking forward to have a talk with you. Because I also have to prepare some presentations for these events, I did not have some much time last week to check the forums and reply to posts. Also … Continue reading Preparing for another trip to the US

Panoramic photos

When on vacation I always like to make panoramic images, because that gives a much nicer view of the landscape. And also because my camera, a Canon Powershot A70, has a nice setting for that. Until now I mainly used the software supplied with the camera to stitch the separate images together. Although the software works fine in most cases, I was looking for a replacement lately as I am using Linux more and more now for my non-FS related work. In the end I found some nice tools that seem to give an even better end result than the … Continue reading Panoramic photos

FsDeveloper update not fully completed

This weekend Nick and I have been working on moving the FsDeveloper site to a new server. We have been able to do some preparations. But once we really wanted to move the site, we found out there was a technical problem with the server we were moving to. So unfortunately we could not finish the move. We have now put the site back online, but that is still on the old server, so within a few weeks we will have to put it offline again to try to move again.

FsDeveloper down this weekend

Part of this weekend the FsDeveloper site will be down. That is because we are going to move it to another server and also improve the site in other aspects. For example a better Wiki integration and an easier navigation menu are on the todo list. So don’t panic when you can’t reach the site this weekend. 

Geoids, projections, datum, what?

At work I came across this nice article that explains some basics of GIS data projections, datums, geoids, etc. Although the target audiance of it is more the oil industry, I think it would also be good reading for people making FsX terrain scenery and wanting to know a little more about what could be involved when using GIS data. Because knowing that the data is in the right projection, etc is very important for the best result.