Day 13: Travelling home

So today I arrived home safely,  the only minor problem I guess is the slight jetlag I have now. It seems I am not that good anymore in sleeping in aircraft seats. Or maybe the fact that I left Seattle around 13:00 also has something to do with it, as at that time of day you are not so sleepy in general.

Looking back at the last two weeks it has been a fantastic trip. I have met so many people that I knew already from forums. Now I know the faces behind all of the problems that get discussed and I think that is really a good thing. And also the sightseeing in the area around Seattle was very nice, at least I have seen a little more than only the conference center.

Hopefully you will see the benefits of this trip in the community in
the times to come, as I learned a lot of interesting stuff and met a
lot of interesting people.

So now it is time to unpack all the stuff and hopefully I have some time afterwards to catch up with the emails and forums that are still waiting. But there is one thing more important to do this weekend and that is seeing my girlfriend again, that alone makes me very happy to be home now.

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