Almost travel tired

Last week I arrived home from my trip to the DevCon and FanCon, so by now I have got rid of the jetlag and have catched up with all things at home again. But today I will leave again for a trip, for work this time. We are going to the I/ITSEC. Although I will probably spend most of my time in the boot of our company, to take care of the simulators we will demonstrate there, I also hope I can see the interesting things other companies have to show.

With all that travelling lately, it has been a bit harder to find time for my FS activities. Keeping up with the forum activities has not been so bad, but I have had a bit of trouble to find time to program on new or updated tools for FSX as well. I hope that will improve a bit when I get back from this trip, as this seems to be the last trip for a while. And also the Christmas holidays are approaching.

But now I better pack my suitcase and go to the airport. 

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