More on SP2

After making my last post, I realized some information was still missing. So here are two interesting things: Jon Patch put a nice overview of the changes on his blog (thanks to the information Phil provided as well). I did not see an SDK update that goes with SP2, so the developers out there might want to wait a while, or else if will break stuff like your Object Placement Tool.


For those of you that do not have the FSX Acceleration Pack, MS had now released SP2 for FSX. I think you should certainly consider installing this service pack, as it will also bring some performance benefits and other bug fixes.

Wiki getting alive

Over the last few weeks the FSDeveloper Wiki had become more and more alive. I am very happy to see that more people have started to add and edit the content of the Wiki. So be sure to check the Wiki now and then, as a lot of useful development related information is being collected there. And if you have some more knowledge to add to the Wiki, you are more than welcome to do so of course.

Microsoft ESP

I know this is old new, and I guess you must have read about this multiple times already by now. But as I think it is still very interesting I am writing this blog post about ESP. ESP is a new simulation platform that Microsoft has recently announced and it is based on the same simulation engine as FSX. Or to quote the description from Microsoft themself:  “Microsoft ESP is a visual simulation platform that brings powerful, high-fidelity simulations to widely available, low-cost Microsoft Windows®-based PCs. Organizations that rely on Microsoft ESP can improve their workforce readiness more efficiently and … Continue reading Microsoft ESP

Back home from Florida

This weekend I arrived again at home after my trip to the I/ITSEC in Orlando for work. I have got rid of most of the jetlag by now, although I guess it will take me a few days to get back on speed with the forums and emails again. The fact that we celebrate Sinterklaas here this week also means I have to spend some time on writing a poem and buying some presents. So I guess it will take till next week till I am fully up and running again. After all the travel of the last months I … Continue reading Back home from Florida