Transparent textures

Today I have been doing some work again on one of the main features still missing from ModelConverterX, transparent textures. In the FSX MDL format it is no longer enough to add an alpha channel to your texture file. You also have to specify in the material that is used on the object that you want to use that alpha channel. So that is something the user will have to specify when he converts an object with ModelConverterX. To do that I have added a form to edit the material properties. This will also allow people to easily add night textures to objects that did not have them before for example.

At the moment I am still fixing some minor bugs in the X file that give some drawing order problems, but hopefully I can get a new version of ModelConverterX with this functionality added online this weekend. With the support for transparency added I think most SCASM macros that don’t use special code should be convertable.


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