This years MVP summit

You might already have read on the blog of Owen or Nick that the MVP summit of this year is starting soon. Unfortunately I will not be able to be there. That is a pitty, as I would have loved to meet Owen, Nick and the other MVP’s in person. But after traveling to the DevCon last November I have to save some traveling budget again, so maybe next year I can be there.

What about a 3DS exporter?

During discussion with a ModelConverterX user recently the subject of being able to import the objects into GMax or 3DS Max came up. If you want to continue editing your work that is indeed something that would be very useful. Now I did take a look at the 3DS format and it seems very well possible to write an exporter for it. Actually in about one evening I already made the base of it. Below you see a screenshot of a museum object that I imported into GMax from a 3DS file exported with ModelConverterX. As you see the materials … Continue reading What about a 3DS exporter?

New ModelConverterX release

I have just released the next alpha version of ModelConverterX. The main new feature is the support for the SCASM binary commands that are used a lot by FSDS. This feature alone already would justify a new release, as this will greatly improve the number of SCASM macros that can be converted correctly. Besides that I have added a new object reader, that can read FSX MDL objects. This reader is probably not so useful for most users, as they want to export to FSX MDL objects, not import them. But if you want to convert some FSX MDL objects … Continue reading New ModelConverterX release

Hey, is that a manual?

I think almost any programmer will tell you the same, writing the manual or documentation for some work he has done (or is doing) is not the most fun part. So usually that part lacks a bit behind the program being made. For me that is also the case. Especially for the tools that are still in beta phase, the manual is often lacking or very minimal. But today I changed that a bit, as I wrote a quick manual for the DrawCallMonitor tool I released a while ago. You can find this manual on the Wiki. Although it is … Continue reading Hey, is that a manual?

Start of spring

Today was supposed to be the start of spring, but looking at the weather outside (snow, rain, cold) it seems not really to be the case yet. There is even some chance that we get a white Easter this year, maybe that can compensate for the lack of white Christmases lately. But this might also have a positive effect, I might have some more time to program a bit during the Easter days now. Then I can catch up with the time I lost when the flu kept me in my bed two days this week. Tonight I already continued … Continue reading Start of spring

SCASM and binary commands

The next feature I will be working on for ModelConverterX is the support of the SCASM commands that enter the binary BGL/MDL code directly. With these commands you can enter certain hexadecimal values directly in the created file. You might expect that this is a feature that would only be used by the real expert who wants to create some very special functionality, as you can easily screw things up if you are not sure what you are doing. But that is not the case, these commands are used quite often in API objects. Especially FSDS makes a lot of … Continue reading SCASM and binary commands


The fact that the amount of drawcalls used by your object has a big influence on its performance is becoming more and more known in the community. A while ago I wrote about the performance I gained when optimizing one of my objects. If this still sounds very new to you, I would advice you to take a look at this article on the FSDeveloper Wiki. Today I wrote a little tool, based on the code to read MDL objects that I developed for ModelConverterX, that can give you a little more insight in how well your object is optimized. … Continue reading DrawCallMonitor

ESP as Serious Game

ESP seems to be getting more and more attention. I just came across this post on this site about serious gaming. I think it is an interesting development that ESP gets know better.