Logging off

It is almost time to pack my computer as well. Tomorrow and the day after I will be moving to my new house. So during that time I will not be online at all. And after the moving it still takes till Tuesday the 6th of May before my internet gets connected again at the new address. So don’t expect me to see on a forum or reply to an email during those days. Today I might have a little bit of time to look at things, but the preparations for the moving will take most time. So next week … Continue reading Logging off


For those of you in the Netherlands this might be interesting. This year I will be attending the MS DevDays in Amsterdam. I am going to give two presentations there, one about ESP and the other one about FS. At the moment the exact scope is still under discussion, once I know more I will post a bit more about it. So if you happen to be there and want to know more about FS I hope to see you.

ESP Developer Center

The MSDN Developer Center for ESP has gone live. This is another great source of ESP information, besides the blog and forum mentioned before already. And as you can see they also feature the FS (or should I say ACES) MVPs there. This time it is my turn. Maybe good looking Nick will be next.

Some more ESP news

Here is some more exiting ESP news. The ESP team now has its own blog as well, so be sure to check it out. You can find some ESP code samples on the MSDN Code Gallery, just search for ESP over there. That should provide you with a starting point when exploring ESP further. Seems like ESP is getting more alive now, I can’t wait to see what else the future will bring.

ESP forum

An forum for ESP has been opened at the MSDN forums. So if you have ESP development related questions, be sure to take a look at this new forum. I am sure this forum will become more active, once it is known that it is there. For now you will have to do with some questions from fellow MVP Nick.

FSDeveloper down?

FSDeveloper seems down at the moment. But I am still at work at the moment, so I can not investigate things further. Once I get home I will take a further look. UPDATE: The site is running again now in the evening. Sorry for this little inconvenience.

Packing stuff can be fun

Over the last days, I have been busy packing my stuff for the upcomming moving. Although that is a lot of work of course, and my house is full of boxes at the moment, it can also have a fun part. While sorting about all the stuff in my computer room I came across some old notes about scenery design. For example drawings I made for buildings that I wanted to model. I used these to make my objects in VOD or later FSDS (or hand code them in SCASM as I also did often). It was quite nice to … Continue reading Packing stuff can be fun

On the move

At the beginning of next month I am going to move to another house. So that means in the comming weeks I will have to start packing already and of course there are also a lot of other things to arrange. So this probably means I have a little less time to spend on FS during this period. I want to try to finish the ModelConverterX release I am working on now (with the 3DS export option), but after that the programming will probably go to a little lower level. Of course I will try to keep an eye on … Continue reading On the move


Some weeks ago I wrote about some code I wrote to control FSX using the CIGI interface with SimConnect. This week we finally had the time at work to test if the code actually works. So we loaded FSX, started our simulation host and tried it. After some configuration issues it worked very well. FSX proved to be a beautiful visual to be used with our simulation. And using SimConnect I could easily control the eyepoint of the own aircraft and all the other traffic flying around. Of course there are still other things to add, like control of the … Continue reading FSX and CIGI

My Cycling Log

For a few years already I keep track of the rides on my racing bicycle on the computer. I like it to see how much I have cycled at the end of the year (or sometimes not, when it is not so much). And since I cycle to work in the summer, I also keep track of those trips on the computer. But since I have more than one computer now and some of them run both Windows and Linux, I got a bit annoyed by the fact that I also had to load that one computer to enter the … Continue reading My Cycling Log