Some weeks ago I wrote about some code I wrote to control FSX using the CIGI interface with SimConnect. This week we finally had the time at work to test if the code actually works. So we loaded FSX, started our simulation host and tried it. After some configuration issues it worked very well. FSX proved to be a beautiful visual to be used with our simulation. And using SimConnect I could easily control the eyepoint of the own aircraft and all the other traffic flying around.

Of course there are still other things to add, like control of the weather or the time of day. And now we have to put FSX in slew or pause mode, as else the eyepoint is jumping a bit. But that basic works, so I am sure we can build further upon this. 

2 thoughts on “FSX and CIGI

  1. Justin,

    Yes, I would be interested in doing so, although I feel I would have to cleanup and extend the code a little bit first. Curretnly it is mainly a quick proof of concept. I’ll head over to the discussion you started.

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