ModelConverterX manual

Updating the manual is usually not my favourite part of making tools, so sometimes that seems to lag a bit behind the release of new tool versions. But I just found the time to update the ModelConverterX manual on the Wiki. I have mainly updated the part about the capabilities of the different readers and writers. Still to do is more explanation about the GUI and the different tools available in there, but that will be for the next update.

ModelConverterX update avaible

Today I handed in the key of my old house, so the moving “project” is now really finished. The last days I already had some more time to do some programming on my FS tools again, so as a result of that I have also been able to release a new version of ModelConverterX. On the forum you can read all the changes in this new version, but the biggest new feature has to be the 3DS export capability. That opens new possibilities again to bring your old objects to life again in FSX. I think the next challenge I … Continue reading ModelConverterX update avaible

A mention of the CAT

At the beginning of this week a colleague entered my office and told me that I had been mentioned in an article he read. I told him I had no idea what he was talking about. It appeared he had been reading the latest issue of PC Pilot and in their article about the realism of scenery for Flight Simulator they had an interview with the developer of the London Heathrow X scenery. When talking about the tools used they mention:  “Besides the 3D modelling programme, you need a lot of other FS-related software for the AI-traffic (AFCAD), tweaked animations … Continue reading A mention of the CAT

ESP at DevDays

Tomorrow and on Friday I will be giving a presentation at the Dutch Microsoft DevDays titled “Flight SimulatorSecrets Exposed: The Microsoft ESP Visual Simulation Platform”. I must admit the titles comes from a presentation by Todd Landstad of the ACES team that I luckily could make use of when preparing. Originally it was planned that somebody from ACES would be giving the presentation, but I am happy to replace them as a local FS MVP. The presentations will give some background information about ESP and the Flight Simulator history where it comes from. After that I will get into the … Continue reading ESP at DevDays

ModelConverterX 3DS exporter

Now that everything is settled a bit again in the new house, I finally found some time again to do some programming. So the last evening I tried to continue on the 3DS exporter for ModelConverterX, that I had been working on before the moving. And the good news is that I was able to fix the last remaining bugs in it. So the basic exporter functionality is working  now. See the screenshot below for the museum API that I use often to test ModelConverterX, here it has been exported as 3DS and then loaded into GMax.   Currently the … Continue reading ModelConverterX 3DS exporter

Sign of life

From today my internet is working again on the new address. I am still in the process of unpacking and installing things, but it seems things are getting back on track now. I think in a few days I should have enough time again to take a look at the forums and start responding to my email. Until then, back to unpacking boxes…