Normal map tutorial

It is quite a while ago already that I wrote on this blog about how to use normal maps on your FSX models. Today I finally found the time to put that information into a tutorial on the Wiki. I hope it makes the process of creating a normal map more clear. Or else feel free to enhance the tutorial even more. And of course, don’t get carried away with applying normal maps. Only use them where really needed, as using them on all your models might not do the performance much good.

Back home again

Today I got back home after a week of vacation in France. We have been camping in the Alsace and Lorraine region. Although the weather was not perfect all the time, it is always nice to be out for a while. So now I am going to catch up with the email and the forum. 

Heading for France

Tent … check, sleepingbag … check, cooking equipment … check, pans … check, ….  As you can see everything is ready to go on vacation now. Only have to put it in the car and then we’ll head in the direction of France to go camping for a week. So no internet for the next week and thus no forum and no emails. So see you in a week and I am sure there will be enough questions waiting for me by then.

Gate IK animation video tutorial

Do you remember that [Nick] has been talking for a long time already about a new video tutorial for FSX? One that shows how to make those nice new skin and bone IK animations for your gates? Adrian Woods made a really nice tutorial about that and Nick has got it edited now. From now it is online at the [FSDeveloper] site, see all the details in Nick’s post here. Let’s hope we see more addon scenery from now on which these cool animated gates.