DrawCallMonitor update

Just a quick note that I released an update of the DrawCallMonitor tool. It has some minor improvements and small bugfixes, but hopefully it should make the tool slightly easier to use.

Finished the next version at last

In the last days I have been working hard on the next release of ModelConverterX, which I put online today. Every time when I thought I had fixed all bugs, some new problem appeared again. But now things seem to work good enough again. I am happy to get this new version online and I hope all the recently added features will be useful to the users. I am quite excited that I got features like automatic alpha channel detection, conversion of lines into 3D objects and support of effects into the tool now. They had been on my wishlist … Continue reading Finished the next version at last

Example of attached lights and effects

I just added the functionality to create FX effect files to ModelConverterX. This now allows the tool to write new FX files with the correct colour for light points that are used in the converted object. I am not an expert on making effect files, so maybe the FX could be optimized a bit further. Let me know if there are suggestions in this field. The image to the right shows an object I converted as a test. As you can see it is a chimney and at the top there is a smoke effect file attached. And on the … Continue reading Example of attached lights and effects

Attached objects done

This evening I have been able to take one more step on the problem of attached objects. After cleaning up the ModelConverterX code a bit more they are now really working. It is quite cool to be able to attach effect files now to your object and convert those already in the old SCASM macros. Also for the light points attached to those objects this is good news. I can now read them in and export them to the FSX objects as attached FX files (because the old style light points no longer exist). This is all working now, except … Continue reading Attached objects done

Attached effects

Although Adrian Woods has an interesting post about how to add attachpoints to your X file, it still took me most of the evening to get things working. First I probably picked a wrong effect that does not work for scenery, but I also forgot to add the mesh to the X file frame of the attachpoint. Although that mesh is not put into the MDL when compiling with XtoMDL, it still has to be present in the X file. But after having learned that, I could attach a nice firework show to my object converted with ModelConverterX. Now that … Continue reading Attached effects

Lines done, but what about effects?

I have made some more progress on ModelConverterX by now. The extrusion of the 2D lines into 3D shapes is working fine and in the options the user can specify the shape he wants to extrude with. That can range from a flat plane (2 vertex circle) to a circle with more vertices so it looks round. Although the last will not always be advised performance wise. So with that new feature solved, the next one to work on was not hard to find. I now started working on attached objects, for example lights or effects. I have already done … Continue reading Lines done, but what about effects?

Video on the Wiki?

With the increasing amount of video tutotials becoming availalble on the FSDeveloper site and because they are just very useful to explain things, I have been looking at a way to integrate them in the Wiki. So let’s say to be able to play them inside the Wiki as an embedded video. The extensions for MediaWiki that I found for that until now did not really work for me, also due to the forum – Wiki integration we have on the site I guess. If anybody has some good tips or suggestions on implementing such a feature that would be … Continue reading Video on the Wiki?

Make those lines visible

One of the most important features still missing in ModelConverterX is the ability to read in API macros that use lines instead of polygons. I have started working on a solution for this now. Those lines will be read in and then transformed into a 3D object. It is like you extra a certain shape along the line to get a 3D version. I will use a simple circle for the shape to extrude with, where the radius and number of vertices are an option the user can specify. By setting the number of vertices to 3 you would get … Continue reading Make those lines visible

Next ModelConverterX version

After working on the Wiki for most of the last week, now it is time to spend some time on ModelConverterX again. I do have some good ideas for the next version. I want to add some features that will allow the conversion of even more objects and I think after that I can remove the alpha tag from the tool and make it a beta or even a normal version. Here are the points that are at the top of the list for the next version: Ability to convert macros that use lines. These lines will be converted into … Continue reading Next ModelConverterX version

New Wiki frontpage

Tonight the new Wiki front page for the FSDeveloper Wiki went live. I hope this new page makes it easier for users of the Wiki to find the content they are interested in. You will find more categories, that relate to certain addon development related tasks, like terrain design or panel and gauge design. Also the articles have been categorised better into all those categories. I hope you find this new front page easier to use. And feel free to add new content to the Wiki if you feel you can add something, that makes it an even more useful … Continue reading New Wiki frontpage