Next ModelConverterX version

After working on the Wiki for most of the last week, now it is time to spend some time on ModelConverterX again. I do have some good ideas for the next version. I want to add some features that will allow the conversion of even more objects and I think after that I can remove the alpha tag from the tool and make it a beta or even a normal version. Here are the points that are at the top of the list for the next version:

  • Ability to convert macros that use lines. These lines will be converted into simple 3D shapes of polygons, because the FSX format does not work with lines. With this option added the last category of macros not supported should be fixed, although there will always be special macros left that give trouble.
  • Conversion of objects that have effects attached. For example smoke from a chimney. These macros should get an attachpoint for the effect in the FSX object.
  • Conversion of light points. This will probably be done by using effects in the FSX models, how exactly is something I still have to look at.

So that is my roadmap for the next release. I’ll keep you informed about the progress I am making.

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