Objects with a LOD

I have added another improvement to ModelConverterX, it can now read the levels of detail from a MDL file and also display them. This is nice to see how Microsoft has made their LODs. At the moment this functionality only works for the FSX MDL reader, as there is not a very structured way in SCASM macros to define LODs. Hopefully I can later add support for reading conditions from the SCASM macros that also define the levels of detail.

Another feature I have in mind for a future version (not the next release yet) is to add an ability to ModelConverterX to automatically create a lower detail model for you. That would allow to easily add LODs to models that do not have them. But that are all plans for the future.

Below you see two screenshots of one of the default cars in FSX, one showing LOD_010 and the other LOD_100. With the combobox at the top you can select with level of detail you would like to see.

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