From the old shoebox (1)

Today I was cleaning out some old stuff in my computer room, when I came across some old sketches I made when designing scenery objects for FS98. Since then things have changed a bit, so I thought it would be funny to show them to you.

I should start by mentioning that at that time I was not using any GUI to design my scenery objects. I wrote the SCASM API code by hand, using a plain text editor, some pieces of paper and a pencil. That is where these sketches come from thus.

This first sketch gives a quick outline of a windmill object I was making. For all parts the diameter and the height is mentioned in meter (or SCASM units, as things were still integer point coordinates in that time). Those familiar with Dutch will see that I wrote a comment below saying that all cylinders should be eight sided.

This second sketch is from the control tower and hangar at Texel airport. Because I was writing all SCASM code by hand, I needed a reference which vertex had which number, so that I could define the polygons between the correct vertices. In this sketch you see that I made two 3D views of the building (from the front and back), where I added the numbers of all the vertices. This allowed me to define the polygons a lot quicker.

The last sketch is from the control tower at Hoogeveen. Also in this case you can see that I wrote all the vertex numbers in the sketch. When two numbers are listed the first one is for the ground level and the second one for the roof. The green numbers also indicate the height that the roof was supposed to get.

When I find more interesting sketches or documents from my history of scenery design I will post them here again.

One thought on “From the old shoebox (1)

  1. Hahaha!

    Arno, your drawings looked exactly the same as mine!! Vertex numbering, “color-code” 🙂


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