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As mentioned in my earlier post I would show a bit more of the progress on the reading and display of animations. I have now added control for the animation to the ModelConverterX form. In the animation below you can see the animation from the default baggage loader object.


As you can see there are still some bugs left in the animation code, as the wheels seem to shrink now and then. But I am sure I can figure out where that bug is and solve it. Another issue with animations is that in FSX not all of them are driven by a timer, as ModelConverterX does now. For example this baggage loader animation is a animation that is directed to the height of the aircraft baggage door. But in ModelConverterX it will show the whole range, driven by the timer.

So what you see if not exactly what you get in FSX, but still it gives a good way to show what kind of animations are in an object and how they animate. So I guess I have added a new functionality to ModelConverterX now, besides being able to convert between object formats, it can now also be used as an object viewer to preview some object before putting them in FSX.

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