ModelConverterX nearing next release

Last week the progress on the next ModelConverterX was a bit slow, but this weekend I have been able to solve a lot of the issues still on the todo list. For example I have checked whether all readers and writes report progress and events correctly. And also the user input is validate better and useful messages are returned if something is wrong with it. So you can say all these solved issues are related to making the tool easier to use for the end user.

At the moment there are only two things left on my todo list, before I will release the next version. One is to allow manipulation of attached objects. For example the ability to move an attached effect or to add a new one. The other item is update the manual, especially since I changed the user interface a lot this is important now. I will have to finish the manual before I release this version to prevent confusion. So hopefully I can fix those things somewhere next week and then I will make the new release available soon.

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