User interface and manuals

It’s already some days ago that I wrote that the next version of ModelConverterX is almost ready. One reason for the delay is that I got a cold this week and that reduced the amount of time I would like to spend behind the screen a bit.

But another reason is that I, and I guess more developers, tend to forget how much time is needed to write or update the user manual. That process or also the process of creating a graphical user interface that is user friendly (and idiot proof) seems to take up more time when programming a tool like ModelConverterX than writing the actual logic of the tool. For example adding the functionallity of attached objects was not that hard, but making the dialog to edit such objects in a user friendly way took me more time.

Of course I am saying that the user interface and the manual should get less attention to save some time, as without those two things it will be a lot more difficult for people to use the tool. And what is the purpose of making a tool when nobody can use it?

I hope I can find the time this weekend though to finish that next release…

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