ModelConverterX and x64

Just after the release of the new ModelConverterX version, fellow MVP Lefteris reported the first bug to me. That in itself was not so weird, as there have been many bugs reported during the previous testing phases. But the bug that was reported was a bit unusual. It seemed the tool did not run on 64 bit Vista. I guess that was a combination that had not been tried before during the alpha testing. After some testing we were fortunately able to locate the problem and I have produced a fix for it now. The new version, that also works on 64 bit systems, is available from the tread at the forum.

This bug is the first time that I had problems with any of my tools on a 64 bit system. But I guess that was more lucky than whisdom, as I did not really consider what might go wrong on such a system. I guess from now on I will keep that in the back of my mind when working on the different tools. And if 64 bit systems get more common it might be time to have one installed for testing.

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