Levels of detail

You might already have noticed that last weekend I released a new update for ModelConverterX. It contains just some small, but important bug fixes for the version 0.50 release.

So with those annoying bugs gone, I have started to concentrate on the next version again. The first feature I am working on is expanding the support for levels of detail. In the version 0.50 release I added support to read them from FSX MDL files and to display them in the preview. That is nice of course, but what is more important is being able to export them again. So on this version I want to add that functionality for the FSX MDL and OpenFlight writers.

Another feature I want to add is the automatic creation of the lower level LODs. I have been reading some papers on this subject and I think it should be possible to add such a function to ModelConverterX. I find especially the papers by Michael Garland quite interesting. I will start implementing that kind of logic soon and hopefully the results will be nice. I’ll keep you informated about that.

But besides the LODs there are more features on my todo list and from next week I will also be on vacation for 3 weeks. That means you should not expect another ModelConverterX release soon.

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